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Sports Tweet of the Week: Eli tweeted at half!

Update: per the information in Jim's comment below, the Eli Manning on Twitter is apparently a fake.

This week, as a change of pace, the Sports Tweet of the Week, that's not true. To be honest, I didn't look once all week at or to see what our Twitterlicious sports personalities were up to. Now and then I procrastinate, and this was one of those times, so I have no nominees for STOTW. However, I've got a Plan B.

In my initial research I came upon the Twitter pages of two New York stars, Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia and Giants quarterback Eli Manning. Both have over 19,000 followers, and both are letting those followers down. Sabathia hasn't updated his page since April 30th, and has only updated it 31 times since he began tweeting in January. But Manning is even worse. Not only hasn't he updated since April 25th, not only has he posted just 34 updates since he joined Twitter a year ago, but his updates are so monumentally inane -- except for the timing of one particular tweet. Check out a sampling after the jump:

i love football 9:45 PM Jun 26th, 2008

psyched for the new season go giants 5:47 PM Jun 27th, 2008

It's going to be a good game tonight. I can feel it. 2:45 PM Sep 4th, 2008

one down! 10:04 PM Sep 4th, 2008

Win #2 coming soon. 12:39 PM Sep 14th, 2008

(He posted 20 minutes before the Giants-Rams game that day?)

regrouping at the half. need to put them away next half 2:28 PM Sep 14th, 2008

(Wait -- he posted at halftime?? How did everyone miss this? Remember the fuss over basketball's Charlie Villanueva posting at halftime of a game? Eli Manning was on his cell phone updating Twitter at halftime and no one noticed!)

nice. nfc = competition. glad the eagles are in last, though! 7:37 AM Sep 29th, 2008

(Yeah, how'd that work out in the end, Eli?)

oh man. watching tape of mondays game :( 7:53 PM Oct 15th, 2008

really focused for pittsburgh this weekend 8:01 AM Oct 24th, 2008

great game tonight 11:33 PM Nov 13th, 2008

Game day! Wish us luck everyone. 9:00 AM Nov 23rd

hoping the nfc east lead opens up a bit more tomorrow. you can imagine thanksgiving at the manning house... mostly spent watching the games 11:49 PM Nov 26th, 2008

(It's really too bad Peyton isn't on Twitter so we could compare the brothers Manning. Just going by TV ads and Saturday Night Live appearances I bet Peyton would be a STOTW candidate now and then.)

up and focused on tomorrow 9:01 AM Nov 29th, 2008

game day! 11:28 AM Nov 30th, 2008

playoffs, here we come 10:50 AM Jan 8th

go nfc 11:47 AM Jan 18th

(Not "Go Giants"? Oh, wait...)

pro bowl was fun 8:17 PM Feb 8th

draft day! 10:38 AM Apr 25th

Scintillating. Just scintillating. Come on, athletes, you can do better than this!

Next week we'll be back to finding more entertaining Tweets. That is, if I'm not procrastinating again. If you see something that's STOTW-worthy (and want to do my job for me...oops, did I say that out loud?) drop me a line via the Discussion Board.