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NewFest starts this weekend with sports films

If you're going to be in New York City over the next week, be sure to check out some of the gay-sports films showing at NewFest:

Off And Running, June 6: Adopted children often face the dilemma of how much of their parents' identities they can or should take on as their own. For Avery, an African-American teenager and the adopted daughter of two Jewish lesbians, it's a question that challenges the reassuring answers her mothers provide. As she seeks out her roots, Avery's life begins to wobble dangerously out of control.

Lady Trojans, June 7: Teen sexuality, love, heartbreak, coming out, and coming of age are seen through the eyes of players on a women's high school basketball team in 1990s Tucson, Arizona.

Training Rules, June 7: "No drinking, no drugs, no lesbians." These were the rules of Penn State basketball coach Rene Portland. Focusing on the dismissal of Lady Lions' top scorer Jennifer Harris, this film explores homophobic practices in women's collegiate sports. Read a strong review here.

Punch Like A Girl, June 8: Explore the lives and drama of female amateur boxers in and out of the ring. Focusing on athletes from competing gyms, ranging from Ontario's oldest female boxer to a 23 year-old Jamaican boxer whose visa is about to expire, everything comes down to the final match.

Pop Star On Ice, June 11, Closing Night: Olympic skater and three-time National Champion Johnny Weir taught Kathy Griffin to skate, modeled for Heatherette, and rocked the skating world with his irreverent public remarks. This playful documentary reveals how a young Russophile and Chihuahua lover from rural Pennsylvania rose to pop stardom. Read a glowing review here.