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TMZ angers Lenny Dykstra

With major league ballplayer-turned-financial wizard Lenny Dykstra's financial woes making news recently, the sight of a Rolls-Royce owned by Dykstra seemingly being repossessed might seem like another sign of his money problems. So when photos of the car being towed from his work in Camarillo, California reached the folks at TMZ, they naturally contacted Dykstra to ask about it. The TMZ staffer received a reply via e-mail:

Let you know what? I had the pick-up arranged with Rolls Royce - what do you think we are all doing there at the same time for?

Do you not have anything better to do - you f***ing drama queen! Get a life!

Yeah. And it goes on:

I worked out the pick-up with a VIP at Rolls Royce - I told them where I would be, the time I would be there ..... and now you want to know why? BECAUSE I WASN'T DRIVING TWO HOURS TO BEVERLY HILLS, PERIOD!

Do you not have anything better to do, how did you get the big assignment? You f***ing drama queen! Get a life!


Lenny K. Dykstra

I guess he told them! I have questions, though. If he was going to Beverly Hills but didn't want to drive two hours, how was he getting there? Hiring a limo? Helicopter? Plane? Do any companies still lease planes to him given what happened in the past? And if they were "all there at the same time" shouldn't TMZ have a picture of Dykstra? I think that's sort of a thing TMZ does. They get pictures and video of famous people. They have a picture of the car and the guy towing it, but I don't see Lenny around.

Finally -- and if my hunch is correct, this is the most important question -- it looks to me like a parking boot is on the tire. If a car is being "picked up" but not being repossessed, is it common to have a boot on the tire? Seems like a bit of unnecessary work. If you're in the repo business, or work for Rolls-Royce, any enlightenment you can offer would be appreciated.