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Ian Thorpe may join Fight Club

I never associated Aussie swimmer Iam Thorpe with fighting, but the multi-gold medalist and erstwhile fashion designer is considering entering a Fight Club event Down Under for charity, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

If Thorpe signs on to fight he will be put through 10 weeks of "torture sessions" including sandhill runs, boxing and sparring sessions, long-distance runs, sprints, weights and other drills.

Thorpe has stayed out of the limelight since retiring from competitive swimming, except when he becomes part of another rumor that he is gay and then denies it. Maybe he thinks getting in shape for a three-round fight would be a nice diversion, but former Aussie boxer Troy Walters urged the swimmer to look before he leaped.

"He has been a world class athlete and a great champion, who I respect enormously," said Waters. "But I will say the killer instinct he displayed in the swimming pool is far different to the killer instinct in the boxing ring."

Hat tip to reader Noel for sending the item.