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Romo dumps Jessica, Cowboy fans rejoice

America's great love affair is over. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has broken up with Jessica Simpson, thereby eliminating the final excuse Romo has for sucking late in the season.

"She loves Tony," a source told People. "But it's been difficult lately. He's busy with his career and she's getting ready to shoot her show ‘The Price of Beauty.' They decided to part ways."

Simpson became the focal point for Cowboy fans pissed that their star QB has stunk at the end of the last two seasons. She was blamed for jinxing the QB by wearing a pink No. 9 Romo jersey at games, and for the two of them taking off to Mexico in the bye week prior to the Cowboys 2007 playoff loss to the Giants. My sister-in-law Linda e-mailed me the news of the breakup with the heading, "It doesn't get any better than this."

Let's see: Distraction 1 (Jessica) is gone. Distraction 2 (T.O.) is gone. I wonder what the new excuse will be when Romo and the Boys fail to win a playoff game again, an annual (and enjoyable) rite since 1996.