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Billy Bean does the D-List

This week's episode of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List featured out former MLB player Billy Bean in his now long-time career of real estate agent. In between hobnobbing with Rosie O'Donnell and Gloria Estefan, Bean showed Griffin some incredibly expensive real estate in Miami. The climax of the episode came when Griffin made an offer on a home with an asking price of $17M-$20M. Her offer: $1.75M. Ha ha, funny, right? She offered 10% of the asking price. Bean seemed pretty uncomfortable with the offer, but he took it in stride like a pro.

"Kathy Griffin's show is a wonderful comedy, and she is a great comedienne. The show's story was all in good fun," Bean said in an email. Unfortunately for Griffin, the other broker on the deal wasn't so amused and had a barrage of cursewords for the comedienne.

More, plus video, after the jump.

Still, it was a great little window into life after sports for so many pro athletes. Bean has taken the work ethic that made him a pro ballplayer and turned himself into an established real estate agent in Miami. And if he can keep his cool when a Hollywood "starlett" offers 10% on a house and insists on presenting the offer to the seller, I can see why.