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Athletic model Harry Tucker

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International Jock has had the good fortune to have just completed a photo shoot with 20-year old British model Harry Tucker. Photographer (and International Jock founder) John Sievers thinks that the young model has a big future ahead of him. After the shoot, Sievers chatted with Tucker about sports, swimwear and his background.

International Jock: Harry, I've really enjoyed working with you on the two shoots we've done. But I know that you’d never done any underwear or swimwear modeling before. What was it like for you?
Harry Tucker: Well, it seemed a bit weird at first. Made me a little nervous. But I’m got used to the idea and it was actually quite a good time. Wearing the briefer, skimpy items was a bit odd but no matter, the pay was great.

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IJ: What kind of underwear do you usually wear?
Tucker: I almost always wear boxer briefs.

IJ: Do you wear anything to bed? Do you sleep in the nude or wear pajamas or what?
Tucker: Most often I wear a pair of my boxer briefs and a t-shirt when I sleep.

IJ: And what about for swimming or a day at the beach. What do you wear?
Tucker: I like to wear board shorts. I’m excited to be in L.A. because I’m eager to try my hand at surfing again – I surfed a bit in Spain when I lived there and it was really fun.

IJ: How do you feel about the idea that there will be all these photos of you wearing underwear on the internet and men and women will be lusting after you?
Tucker: Well, again, it seems a bit weird but I’m Ok with it. When you’re a model it’s part of the job.

IJ: What kind of work did you do before you started modeling?
Tucker: I was in construction and did air conditioning work, plumbing and general construction of all kinds. It was hard work and I did it seven days a week for quite a while.

IJ: You’ve got an incredible body. How do you stay in shape – do you work out or play sports?
Tucker: My body looks pretty good just naturally I suppose. I really don’t go to the gym that much – maybe two or three times a week. When I was a schoolboy I played football and rugby, but prefer action sports. I love motocross and had my own bike and raced competitively when I was a teenager.

IJ: Wasn’t that dangerous?
Tucker: Yeah. It seems like I spent half my life in hospital! (laughs) I had quite a few crash ups. Broke my leg and hip, cracked my skull once, broke some ribs and got pretty banged up. I do like to live life on the edge though. I have that need for speed – jet skiing, motocross, anything fast. I also like shooting.

IJ: Hunting or target shooting?
Tucker: Mainly target shooting. I’ve only been in Los Angeles for a little over a week and have already found a range and have gone shooting. It’s brilliant.

IJ: What about your diet, do you eat anything special to keep your body in shape?
Tucker: I like the usual stuff, meat and salads, spinach, nothing out of the ordinary. I eat a lot too. I suppose I am a high-energy person and burn a lot of calories.

IJ: What about your ethnic makeup? Are you totally British or a mixture of something else?
Tucker: I’m 100% English. My family has lived in Bath England for as far back as anyone can remember. But I really preferred the lifestyle in Spain to that in England. The weather is so much better and it’s much more laid back. And, so far, I’m enjoying L.A. better than England too.

IJ: What happened to your girlfriend?
Tucker: We broke up in England about a month ago. It was really painful after four years with her, but it was because of that change that I guess I got motivated to make a move and come here to L.A. and so far it’s been brilliant.

IJ: So you’re single and available?
Tucker: Yes! [laughs]

Thanks to International Jock for sharing Harry with us! Visit International Jock for complete underwear, swimwear and athletic wear selections!