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The T.O. show: Lots of skin

Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times reviews the first two episodes of Terrell Owens' reality show on VH1 thats airs tonight. It's a pan, but McNamara did take note of Owens' best asset -- his body.

Terrell Owens is one beautiful man and he knows it, oh, Lord, he knows it ... Why else would Owens spend at least 60% of his time in front of the camera shirtless?

Good thing too, because the sculpted pecs, mighty shoulders and perfect abs are just about the only thing the show has going for it. No, wait, I take that back; he has a lovely smile as well.

My DVR is set to record it to see how much of a fleshfest it is. Feel free to post your review of the show after it airs.