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Does Michael Vick deserve a second chance?

It's been two years since Michael Vick's reputation was destroyed by his involvement in the torture and murder of dogs. Today he was released from Federal prison and he's a free man. The question now for the NFL is, does the ex-convict "deserve" a second chance?

I have a problem with the word "deserve." Despite how grossly heinous I consider what he did to those dogs, I don't have a big problem if he gets a second shot at the NFL. But I also don't have a big problem if he doesn't.

Does he "deserve" a second chance? Is it his god-given right? I don't think so. And when I look at the picture of this dog and think about what he did to those animals, I will be hoping he doesn't get one. But if NFL commish Roger Goodell gives him a second chance, I'll respect that and just cheer against him every time he steps on the field.