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Sports Tweet of the Week: See-through shorts!

I know, it's been longer than a week, but as I believe I've said before, I procrastinate. Plus, I'm occasionally lazy. Sue me. :twisted: At any rate, the Portland Trail Blazers' official Twitter feed is featuring updates from Team USA's minicamp in Las Vegas, where the Blazers' Greg Oden is one of 23 participants. Today, after drills, a scrimmage began between Team Blue and Team White. The observer on the scene posted this a short while ago:

The white shorts some of the players are wearing basically become seethrough when they get sweaty. Bigtime design flaw

Flaw? I see no problem with that! Shortly after, another update:

Oden re: the seethrough shorts: "Good thing I wasn't wearing a thong"

Or a jockstrap...though I wonder if any players even wear something other than compression shorts nowadays.