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Gays and the Hogans

VH1's Brooke Knows Best follows the daughter of Hulk Hogan. And if you've watched it, you know that every episode features a gay guy in her roommate, Glenn Packard (right, with Brooke). The show dips in and out of sexual orientation from time to time; In one episode, Glenn went on a "straight" date while Brooke went on a "lesbian" date.

The latest Brooke Knows Best episode has less of Glenn than usual but tackles homophobia at the same time. It features the Hulkster and his friend Knobbs, most-known as one half of the wrestling team The Nasty Boys. The episode features Knobbs sleeping in Glenn's bed sans Glenn (and having trouble doing it with all the pictures of naked men on the walls) and jumping into bed with the Hulkster because that's less gay. Hulk and Knobbs are also mistaken on the beach for a gay couple (and it was a hot, well-built gay couple doing the mistaking). I thought it was a fun way to play off the homophobia of this big, "masculine" pro wrestler. Plus, it's cool to see the Hulkster is pretty gay-friendly, chastising Knobbs for being a dork about it and complimenting the gay guys on their physique, rolling with the punches.