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Some use homophobia to fight swimming briefs?

Which looks gayer to you?

Which looks gayer to you?

As the debate over the length of competition swimsuits rages, some people are crying "homophobia" as others fight the reinstatement of the traditional brief. Longtime IGLA and Gay Games officer Charlie Carson has stayed on top of the growing debate and came across these disturbing accusations in articles on; And some of the "gay" arguments against the briefs are allegedly coming from the Americans. One author writes:

The Americans claim there is a "sensitivity" of their teenagers to "gay" connotations in wearing the brief suit, which they say would justify a universal rule--a gratuitous insult to all homosexuals.

Another resounds the charge:

There have been disturbing and politically incorrect statements, that briefs are being avoided around competitive pool decks, due to homophobic connotations.

For decades, the traditional brief was the accepted apparel for competitive swimmers. This was before gay marriage. Sodomy was illegal in some states. Homophobia was more rampant in the workplace. And somehow, the swimmers got by. To say that somehow male swimmers now need to be protected from gay ribbing is disturbing and out-of-touch. Maybe they should get rid of team "shaving parties" too.