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Uganda targeting gays in soccer

The war on homosexuality in Africa is heating up, and the nation of Uganda is taking it to the soccer pitch. The Ugandan FA is forcing every soccer coach in the country to sign a document that "denounces any support or involvement in sodomy related acts." This follows an episode in which a player accused a football club manager of sexually assaulting him at a championship tournament in the country. Sodomy is illegal in Uganda.

"We are going to address [sodomy] in the code of conduct," said Stone Kyambadde, the vice-chairman of the Ugandan Coaches Association. "The code will denounce any support or involvement in sodomy-related acts."

The accused coach, Charles Ayiekoh, has been suspended by Fufa, the Ugandan governing football association.

"We intend to get rid of the entire group and I can assure you that as coaches we come up with a comprehensive plan to wipe out the deadly vice," one Fufa executive said.

And we think we have problems with homophobia in sports.