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Alleged NFL player on DownLow site

MediaTakeOut is best-known for posting blind items about celebrities with virtually no evidence whatsoever. So when I saw that they posted pictures from the gay profile of an NFL player, I was dubious: And when I saw they blocked out the face of the alleged player and there was absolutely no identifying features of his blurred surroundings, I knew it was another bogus posting by the site; Especially with the headline "NFL Shocker," as though it would be shocking that a black NFL player was gay. When I looked at the comments about the story I was kind of surprised by some of them. Do people really think this?

as long as he doesn't play with my falcons its cool.....
daaam not another one...
his teammates would beat the hell out of him...
tragic .... too many sexy ladies to be so homo

This one, though, was my favorite:

Hmm, he is a ball player with no tattoos, now thats a surprise.

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