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NFL preseason kicks off, Vince Young done

The NFL preseason kicked off last night with a Titans victory over the Bills, 21-18. The score was of little interest, as with most preseason games; But some storylines did come from it. First, Vince Young looks done. He was 5-for-10 with a pick and a TD: The TD came when a backup corner bit on a fake and Young threw to a wide-open receiver, and he threw the interception to an even more wide-open defensive back. Not good. Trent Edwards fed Terrell Owens the ball twice while they were on the field. And Chris Johnson and LenDale White had a lousy 2.4 yards per carry.

The big excitement of the game came at the end of the Titans' first possession: A fake Statue of Liberty play out of a punt that saw the punter keep the ball and run 40 yards for a touchdown. Not sure why the Titans would show that at the end of their first preseason drive, but I have to believe we'll see some trickery during the season that will pay that off.

The last little tidbit from the game: Why do teams and the League insist on wearing throwback jerseys? They look terrible. The Titans aren't even the Oilers anymore, yet there they are with an oil derrick on the side of their helmets. Harrumph.