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Serbian gays asking FIFA for help

Some gay people in Belgrade, Serbia, are calling in FIFA to help curb soccer-based homophobic graffiti in the city. Messages advocating the murder of gays (the one to the right reads: "Death to faggots"), and signed by fans of Serbian soccer groups (South Gate is a group of Serbian fans), is apparently abundant in the city. From the UK Gay News:

Two weeks ago, the Gay and Lesbian Info Center in Belgrade and other non-governmental organisations requested the Football Association of Serbia and the management of the two clubs to publicly distance themselves from these messages and to condemn the calls to murder of gay persons. But the plea has fallen on deaf ears. So a letter has been sent to FIFA headquarters in Zurich.

The messages are apparently in reaction to the local gay pride parade. The Mayor of Belgrade has said he is against violence, but he has also said he's against the local pride parade: A mixed message that has left many gay people in Belgrade nervous and scared.

Hat tip to UK Gay News.