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Cubs fans: losers, not so lovable

Well, well, well. Once again we have one of those moments that, if it happened in Philadelphia, would result in days of media outrage. Since it didn't, even if it is talked about on ESPN, MLB Network, et al, it'll be forgotten by tomorrow.

With the bases loaded and one out in the bottom of the 5th inning of tonight's Phillies-Cubs game at Wrigley Field, Chicago's Jake Fox hit a long fly to center field. Shane Victorino went back near the warning track and, as he set to make the catch, a jackass Cubs fan threw a cup of beer at Victorino. Not only did Victorino get a beer shower, but the cup hit him in the arm as well, just before the ball settled into his glove. Video and more after the jump...


Besides being obnoxious behavior, it was a clear attempt to disrupt the play. Would the rules have allowed the umpires to call fan interference if Victorino had dropped the ball and more than one run scored?

Incredibly, Wrigley security initially ejected the wrong fan. After a few minutes, because they somehow didn't know who threw the beer (couldn't someone in the ballpark have checked the video?), they threw out the entire front row in that section. Here's a link from Deadspin that shows the fan who was first tossed -- because, they report, the actual culprit (also in the picture) pointed him out to security!

The Phils were up 12-2 at the time and went on to a 12-5 win, but perhaps this is a better last laugh: an update from the Phillies' Twitter feed that says, "Sign outside Murphy's says '1908 Champs vs. 2008 Champs.'"