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Usain Bolts blows away Gay, 100 meters field

Here's how dominant Usain Bolt was in winning the 100 meters at the World Track and Field Championships in Berlin? American Tyson Gay set a personal best (9.71) and a U.S. record and still finished a distant second to Bolt, the Jamaican superstar who ran 9.58 seconds, the fastest ever and the first run in less than 9.6 seconds.

It was an amazing performance by Bolt, who is so effortless in his running that it looks like he's not trying hard. I also find it interesting that the 22-year-old runs with his shirt not tucked into to his tights. I would think wind resistance might be an issue, but with him it doesn't seem to matter; everyone else in the field is choking on his exhaust. AP put his record into perspective:

Bolt's 9.58 was 0.11 seconds faster than the mark he set last year at the Beijing Olympics - the biggest improvement in the 100-meter record since electronic timing began in 1968.

Video, if you missed it (audio in German, but greatness translates in any language):