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Photos: Aussie ruggers against homophobia

David Pocock, Australian Wallabies

David Pocock, Australian Wallabies

The Wallabies, Australia's national rugby union team, have teamed up with the Sydney Convicts, a gay-oriented rugby union club, in a campaign to promote diversity and combat homophobia. The players posed for a series of photos for This Is Oz, a combination photo and human rights site designed to fight homophobia.

The photos of the players are pretty cool and is another sign that rugby seems like an accepting sport. Englishman Ben Cohen is very gay-friendly, while 2009 King of the Hardwood winner David Williams was honored he won the hot jock contest from Outsports fans. Also, calendars like the "Gods of Football" unabashedly promote the hot players to a gay audience.

Some photos from the This Is Oz campaign:

Wallabies player David Pocock.

David Pocock, Australian Wallabies.

Clayton Noble, Sydney Convicts

Clayton Noble, Sydney Convicts

Stephen Moore, Australia Wallabies

Al Baxter, Australia Wallabies

Hat tip to Jocko Homo.