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What does Favre mean to Cheeseheads?

While most NFL fans (and many non-fans) are rolling their eyes at Brett Favre's second return from retirement, it's the Packers and Favre fans who are hurting the most. Last night on Greta van Sustern's show (she's a huge Packers fan), she adorned a new kind of Cheesehead: Half-purple, half-yellow. I talked to a Packer fan yesterday who said he's just torn: Hating how Favre was run out of Green Bay but hating that he's now a Viking. Spors Illustrated's Don Banks, who lives in Packers country, said it's brutal for Packers fans to watch this.

Has anything like this ever happened in the NFL? The face of a franchise going to an archrival? The closest I can think of is the Tuna. Bill Parcells left the Patriots and joined the Jets, but Parcells had only been in New England for four years. He joined the Cowboys after coaching the Giants...13 years after coaching the Giants. Nothing compares to Favre.