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Copenhagen close-up on the Outgames bombing

Another report just in from my Aussie friend Neil Keele, who competed in several men's age-group swimming events and logged some PBs. (Congrats to Neil!) He was right there in the middle of the Outgames, yet he evidently got a less detailed picture on the bombing than we got from the media here in the U.S. I have the impression that, there in Copenhagen, the bombing was kept out of the screaming-headlines category, to protect the Games' atmosphere and the competitors' morale.

This is what Neil had to way in his email yesterday:

"The bombing didn't affect us at the swimming, and most of us didn't know anything about it until a considerable time later. The Outgames organising committee did sent out an email about it and asked people to volunteer to take on the heavier presence of 'safety officers.' I gather that there were quite a few people who weren't involved taking up the position in the last few days. The actions weren't received well by the Danes and apparently the police were also upset about it all. They felt it was an embarrassment. It was not their fault and they had done all they could to ensure the safe running of the Games at all venues. Apparently one foreign participant was injured (slightly) and that only make it worse for the Danes. The city has been vibrant, welcoming and happy since I have been here."