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A-Rod sees six pitches, earns 100 grand

As you sit in your cubicle today toiling for the man, consider this: Every time A-Rod (photo) sees six pitches, he makes $100,000. For the average American, it takes four years. Tiger Woods? He does it in 11 holes. And LeBron? 21 minutes. It's four snaps for Ben Roethlisberger.

So says the Wall Street Journal, which in the course of the two minutes it took to read their story on salaries made me wonder why I even bothered showing up for work today. But as I got to the end of the list of how long it takes some jocks to earn 100 grand, I felt a little relieved to see at least Norm Duke has to work for it.

Duke, the money leader of the Professional Bowlers Association, has to bowl 2,360 frames to make $100,000. That's about $2 for every pin he takes down.

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