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Shaq vs. a pink speedo

For those of you who thought Terrell Owens' TV show was unwatchable, don't waste a moment on ABC's Shaq Vs (which, some claim, he stole from Steve Nash...Nash is listed as an exec producer on the show). The biggest problem with the show? Shaq himself. His monotone speech is enough to put you to sleep, and he does lots of talking. The show builds up to what is ultimately a lackluster sporting event. This week it was a beach volleyball game; I'm no great volleyball player, but watching this superstar athlete making the same mistake over and over and demonstrating very clearly that he can't play volleyball wasn't anything I needed to spend my time with.

The only saving grace was also Shaq...and his sense of humor, which led him to his walk down the beach in a pink bikini. Even if he did pick some remote beach to do it on, the cameras caught it all.