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Help Maine protect marriage equality!

Remember how you felt when Prop 8 passed? Whether you were in California or New York or North Dakota or anywhere else, chances are you were not happy about it. The fight this year is in Maine, and the people who want to fight same-sex marriage are themselves calling it the most important cultural battle of 2009. People on both sides are looking to Maine; Just as it did years ago, "As Maine goes, so goes the nation."

To help the fight in Maine, I'm co-hosting a Sept. 15 event in Los Angeles that will send 100% of the money raised to No On 1 / Equality Maine. If you're in L.A., please do come (it's a min. $30 requested donation). And if you're elsewhere, please consider hosting your own event or donating directly to No On 1! What would it be worth to feel exuberance on election day? It's worth a lot to me.