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When the Girls Beat the Boys

For you horse-lovers among Outsports fans -- if you missed Rachel Alexandra's hair-raising performance in the $1.25 million Haskell Invitational on Sunday, you can catch it on YouTube. This was the filly's second go against top colts, and she left the boyz struggling in the slop as she barreled to a 6-length victory. Some pundits assert that she's the greatest American filly ever, the best thing that's happened to horse racing since Secretariat. I don't know about that -- but right now, Rachel has captured superstar status, and is clearly the best 3-year-old going.

Monmouth Park filled with an excited capacity crowd, including Bruce Springsteen, who sang "Born to Run" as the field of seven splashed its way to the post. And Rachel gave her fans the show that they'd come to see. She let the speed horse, Munnings, set the pace and quietly sat second, and briefly third. At the top of the far turn, Calvin Borel asked her, and she opened up that destroying kick of hers, with that down-to-business look on her pretty face that her fans love, and that powerful bounding stride that puts her so many lengths ahead by the finish.

Her owners are being very careful with her -- they're passing on the Breeders Cup this year. Maybe next year and a match with that other outstanding filly, Zenyatta. Meanwhile, maybe the Travers is next? "She'll tell us," her trainer says. And hopefully after that, Horse of the Year.