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Promoter: MMA nothing but 'homosexuals'

Boxing promoter Bob Arum criticized fans of mixed martial arts as being "skinhead white guys" and the athletes like "homosexuals" rolling around on the ground. Arum, 77, made these remarks in an interview with Fanhouse (video below). Said Arum:

For me, and people like me, [MMA] is not something they ever care to see. They've watched it. It's horrible. Guys rolling around like homosexuals on the ground. It is not a sport that shows great, great talent.

Deadspin did a transcription of the interview and found this nugget criticizing MMA fans:

Our audience in boxing is ethnic. Hispanic, Filipino, Puerto Rican, Mexican, and the hardcore boxing fan who can't watch ... like me ... can't watch UFC. UFC are a bunch of skinhead white guys watching people in the ring who also look like skinhead white guys.

Arum is just an old racist and homophobic SOB whose time has passed by. MMA is growing by leaps and bounds with young fight fans, while boxing struggles to remain relevant. He can do little else but insult its athletes and the people who watch it.