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Weekend hot jock: Matt Barkley

USC's freshman quarterback Matt Barkley grabbed lots of headlines after beat the San Jose State School of the Blind Spartans last week. Stewart Mandel of SI even called him "the next Joe Montana" after his first college start. I'll tell you this: I never found Joe Montana as hot as I find Barkley; and I'm not into blondes (as a general rule). A little on Barkley: It was his birthday last Tuesday...he turned 19. He's from Newport Beach, stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 220 pounds. He actually graduated high school a semester early so he could attend USC in January and be a part of spring practice.

I don't know aobut Joe Montana, but I see a young Tom Brady: I have the feeling that we'll be talking about Barkley here at Outsports for a long time to come . . .