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Nats' cap a sign of terrorism?

I've written many times here about the travails of the Washington Nationals, the team with the worst record in baseball this season. Now, courtesy of Deadspin and the Washington Post, comes news that the Nationals' "W" logo has been construed as a symbol of terrorism. It seems that Tyler Allard, an aide to Rep. Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.), was visiting Jordan and Israel recently. He wore a green Nationals' cap with the "W" script...

An Israeli airport security guard pointed to the hat with the curly W team logo and demanded with a tone of disgust, "Why do you wear that?"

"Good question," his father, former longtime Senate aide Nick Allard, replied. "They are hopeless. They desperately need relief. You never know when they will hit, and because their defense is so bad, they suffer more than they can dish out. It's not rational and I can't explain why, but we are loyal and we love them." The more he talked, the more upset the security folks became, Nick Allard reports. Their luggage was checked and rechecked, and they were quizzed by security.

When they were finally cleared to board, Allard wrote in an e-mail, the head of the security detail said: "We do not appreciate your Hamas headgear." Green apparently is a Palestinian "color," Allard speculated, and the vaguely Arabic Nats logo might have been mistaken for an extremist emblem.

So if you're a member of that intimate club of Nats fans and you find yourself traveling overseas, you may want to wear this cap instead. That, or, don't give a smartass reply when being questioned by security.