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Gays a target audience for Women's Pro Soccer

Former Chicago Fire (of MLS) general manager Peter Wilt is now with Women's Professional Soccer, the seven-team league you probably didn't hear about when it kicked off its innaugural season in March. In an interview with, published yesterday, talked about the target market of WPS being suburban families. In talking about whether WPS could compete for the same audience as MLS, Wilt said:

WPS' secondary audiences of ethnics, gay and lesbian and the young urban are relatively small and have not cannibalized MLS by any means.

It's encouraging that a sports executive recognizes us as a target audience. Over 70 regular-season games, WPS averaged almost 4,700 spectators per game: So it's impossible for him to say that they's stolen any fans from MLS. And if they were going to steal fans, my guess is it would be the "ethnics" a soccer league stole before anything else.