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Two men think they can dance. Together.

I've never seen So You Think You Can Dance, but ballroom dancing is considered a sport by at least the Gay Games and Outgames. It was at the latter in Montreal that I first saw same-sex ballroom dancing, and I thought it was really wonderful. Last night on SYTYCD, America got a glimpse of two men dancing together as well.

For me, the judges' reactions were frustrating. They were crying, fawning over the two men and their "courage." Yeah, it was cool to see the producers let these guys dance on national television. But they're dancers. Homophobia isn't exactly rampant in the dancing world: Whereas all football players are assumed to be straight, all male dancers are assumed to be gay. Instead of pandering to them, I wish the judges had spent a little more time judging them as dancers and less time judging them on their gender.

You be the judge: Video after the jump.

Hat tip to Towleroad.