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How big of a bust is Brady Quinn?

Speaking of fortune-telling, I was thinking today about the drafting of one Brady Quinn. If you remember, the Cleveland Browns chased him down late in the first round of the 2007 draft, giving up a first- and second-round pick for him. The reasoning was, "We'll have to draft a quarterback next year anyway, so let's just give someone that first-round pick now and get our guy."

Of course, they didn't have to draft a quarterback the following year because Derek Anderson won 10 games for them, posting a QB rating of 82.5. When Anderson slipped last year, the Browns went to their QB-in-waiting, Quinn, who promptly showed he wasn't even worth one third-round pick. Quinn is now so bad he's been benched for a guy whose season-long QB rating is 30.9.

Now I wonder: How big a bust is Brady Quinn? Ryan Leaf only cost the Chargers a first-round pick; Quinn cost the Browns a first- and second-round pick. Leaf may still be the bigger bust (you may have forgotten his 1-of-15, 4 yards, 2 INT performance against the Chiefs in 1998), but Quinn is right behind him. Good thing he's been working on his physique: He's gonna need some modeling gigs when he's out of football in two years.