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Brady Quinn gets start for Cleveland Browns

In a classic example of "new media" at work, we learned today that Brady Quinn will start at quarterback for the Cleveland Browns this week. The Browns were being coy about the news, but Buffalo receiver Terrell Owens posted a congratulatory message on his Twitter account, that was then linked to by Pro Football Talk. Tweeted T.O.:

Congrats 2 Brady Quinn 4 starting job w/Cleveland Browns!!

The information was then confirmed to the "old media" at the Cleveland Plain Dealer. It's a crazy media world we live in and it will be interesting to see what effect Twitter has on NFL news since this is the first full season that the service has reached a critical mass. Pro Football Talk was a tiny blog a few years ago, has now partnered with NBC and is a must-read for all NFL fans.

Either way, it will be interesting to see how Quinn does as he begins his third season and his first as a starter. He might be the hottest man in the NFL, but I am not sure that translates to his on-field performance.