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Latest 'when will NFL get gay player' column

Every six months or so, someone in the mainstream media decides to write the latest "When will we see an active out player in the [insert pro sports league here]" column. This month it's Dan Solomon on AOL's Asylum. It contains pretty much everything you've read here a dozen times: It'll be someone who's outed or a kid rising up the ranks in college; A good player would have it easier; He'll be met with some locker room issues....

It's great that the issue keeps getting raised in mainstream publications; And the best reason to read this article is for the reader comments. My fave was by Solomon himself:

But if we're using Leviticus to judge whether or not we've got a truly holy league, then only players with righteous neckbeards are likely to pass muster -- the book also says, "Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard." Either every player except for Kyle Orton is damned, or we can take Leviticus with a grain of salt.