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Changing Lanes (2010 Edition)

UPDATE: There are reports of riots on the University of Tennessee campus. If you are in the area, please be extremely careful.

The earthquake who's epicenter was the Seattle Seahawks firing Jim Mora Jr. has now plowed into Knoxville.

The sudden hire of USC's head coach Pete Carroll (enjoy that one Seattle fans), left a huge vacancy. And Southern Cal has filled it by snatching University of Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin (pictured at right). Details are still very sketchy at this point, but Kiffin has confirmed the move and will be introduced as head coach at USC later this or early next week.

This is devastating news for the Volunteer faithful as their recruiting class for this entire season (and probably the last one) has been flushed down the toilet. But hey... they called him crazy last year (and probably will again when he fires Tom Cable tomorrow) but it actually looks like Al Davis and his overhead projector are vindicated.