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'Straight' guys' crushes on ballplayers

A Brewers fan blog called Miller Park Drunk has a great entry about "straight" guys who secretly admire the good looks of their favorite ballclub's players. It's that age-old question, "Bro, if you had to have sex with a Milwaukee brewer, who would it be, dude?"

I have a question for the male readers of the site. Have you ever been pondering the offseason moves of the Brewers and thought to yourself "I am glad they re-signed Craig Counsell, he's kinda hot"? I mean, everyone has had that conversation with a friend that starts like "I know you're not gay, but..." and you immediately yell out "DONNIE FROM NEW KIDS!", right?

It seems one of the Brewers fans' favorites is Craig Counsell (above). And with a bat like that, I can see why.