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Another kind of Dallas Cheerleaders

After that miserable performance by the Cowboys on Sunday, there isn't much to cheer about in Dallas today. But Dallas Pride Cheer is gearing up for a big gay-sports season, and they're looking for new cheerleaders to join them.

More info after the jump, or email them here.

A volunteer, and non-profit, Co-Ed Cheer and Stunt team in Dallas, Texas, that raises funds for all kind of charities in the Dallas area and beyond.

We are looking to add more guys and gals or all colors, races, creeds, and sexual orientations, ages 18 and up who want to get together , have fun, and do something good for the community. Our season starts in January this year, and we will be practicing every Sunday so we can perform in SF in June at their pride Festival and possibly in Germany for the Gay Games.