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Gay sports storyline Thursday on Fox's 'Bones'

Many months ago my friend Josh Berman, consulting producer on Fox's hit show Bones, started asking me questions about gay football players for a storyline he was working on. That story hits the airwaves Thursday (Jan. 28) in the Bones episode, "The Dentist in the Ditch." The story centers on the investigation of the murder of dentist Dan Pinard, with two main suspects being gay football player Cyd Zigler (played by Eltony Williams, above left)) and gay hunter Chris Fife (Cameron Bender, right). Robert Gant also makes an appearance as football coach Jason Hendler. For those who know me, this will all sound very familiar (sans the murder part).

Josh is a great writer (he created Drop Dead Diva), so I'm excited to see what he did with the story of gay love and murder!