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Mancrunch Super Bowl ad is really bad. Hoax?

For everyone (including myself) who wanted to say CBS's potential rejection of the Mancrunch ad featuring two men kissing implied some homophobia, I present you evidence to another possibility: This is a terrible ad. It's clear the site owners had absolutely no intention of this ever making it to the air; It wouldn't pass the test to make it to air except after 3 a.m. and before 4 a.m.

As for the gay content of the ad, it's marginal. It's clear the guys in the ad aren't even kissing. At this point, I'm assuming the whole ad and Mancrunch itself are a hoax. See the ad and weigh in, after the jump.

This doesn't mean that homophobia wasn't at work. But I personally would have rejected the ad just based on the creative.

Have you noticed that the word "gay" doesn't appear on the site? The site says it's for "like minded users to explore whether they wish to meet each other, chat with each other and/or explore extra-marital relationships."

Plus, like I said, I don't believe at this point that the Website is real, and at some point we're going to hear a big "gotcha." Anyhow, here's the ad...

Here is Jim Buzinski's take on the ad:

Mancrunch, a site I had not heard of until yesterday, is in the news over CBS' decision to reject the company's 30-second ad. I'm suspicious of the whole thing and it smells fake, like a company trying to get free publicity rather than shell out $2.5 million for a 30-second ad.

The ad is innocuous (and horribly produced) and is a total ripoff of a much better skit from a few years ago on Mad TV:

Here is what does not add up here: Mancrunch is free to join and has no ads. So where do its owners get $2.5 million to spend on a Super Bowl ad? Neither Cyd nor myself had ever heard of the site and I created a profile to see what was on there (there is no free preview, rare for any online dating site). It's a rather spare site with not that many profiles (though a lot more since I signed up a day ago).

Mancrunch said it is "calling on every same sex advocacy group to petition CBS and let them know this...behavior will not be tolerated." I'm not buying since I smell a rat and am not rallying to the cause of some site that seemingly sprang up out of nowhere.

Have any of you heard of Mancrunch before? What do you think is going on here?