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ESPN dances around Johnny Weir

We've said over and over that our position on Johnny Weir is that he's an openly gay man. And in conversations with Johnny, he hasn't said we're wrong. Thanks to an ESPN The Magazine article on Johnny Weir, Deadspin starts a new series in which they document "the sports media's pained efforts to call the sexually undeclared figure skater gay without quite calling him gay." And they have some key excerpts from the magazine article...

... too flamboyant [headline] ... undisputed diva ... fearlessly flamboyant stylist ... photographed in a miniskirt and high heels ... gender-bending flamboyance ... strutting ... dressed like David Bowie's Aladdin Sane ... in a bubble bath with a male friend ... bright-purple tank top, plaid shorts and gold slippers ... figure skating's peacock ... isn't scrimping on the voguing ... club-ready dance moves ... Garbo-like poses

My favorite is still the bubble bath with his friend Paris. We hope you kick ass next month, Johnny!!