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Steelers fans call Roger Goodell and NFL 'gay'

How upset are some Pittsburgh Steelers fans about the new NFL rule regarding illegal hits? At least some of them are calling NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the entire NFL 'gay' because of the new policy. You know, not allowing dangerous hits means you're weak, and if you're weak, you're gay! At least, according to Steelers Depot who Tweeted this to the National Gay Flag Football League:

They also tweeted that they saw the "new vision of the NFL," and that tweet linked to a video of the Denver gay flag football league:

It seems calling tings they don't like "gay" is one of their favorite pastimes. They had this missive today about 3-D...

3-D is gay Nobody wants to sit on a couch wearin glasses popping bubbles out of the air like some kind of fucked up Ray Charles.

Sad that the Steelers let Dave Bryan, who owns and operates Steelers Depot, use their logo and represent the team with this gay-bating.