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Nudes, nudes nudes: What NFL fans search for

"Santonio Holmes naked" is a big search termEvery Sunday during the NFL season, our Jock Talk Blog sees a bump in traffic. People watch the games, then scurry to their computers to type in various search terms. In the case of many Web surfers, it's the nude stuff then want.

"Brett Favre naked." "Chris Cooley penis." 'Santonio Holmes naked" (photo right) were among the top searches Sunday. Plus the old standby -- "Troy Aikman gay." Here are the Top 10 search terms people used to land on the Outsports blog this Sunday:

The irony is that we never post naked pictures on the blog (though we do link to the original source as a reader service).

The Barry Zito search is a bit odd since the San Francisco Giants pitcher has not been on the playoff roster. Maybe they were looking for the classic "Is Barry Zito gay?" cartoon Dylan Edwards did in 2002: