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No Yankees. No Phillies. No problem.

Just a week or so ago, most people were probably imagining a rematch of last year's Fall Classic participants, the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies. Alas, both teams failed to win there respective leagues and instead the uncanny San Francisco Giants and the resilient Texas Rangers are facing off in the 2010 World Series.

Fans of the Giants and Rangers never doubted that their teams would be playing for baseball's ultimate crown just as I'm sure fans of the Phillies and Yankees never imagined that their teams would not. I will not mention the team I would prefer to be watching chop their way to another championship title but instead will thoroughly enjoy watching two very deserving teams compete for their first World Series title (New York Giants not included).

Unfortunately, because of the extreme length of the baseball season and the distractions of both college and professional football, the start of the NBA and the NHL, sports fans have grown tired of baseball. Add to that the fact that the two popularity contest winning teams are not present, a lot of people aren't going to watch the World Series and will miss some great baseball drama unfold.

FOX, which is broadcasting the series, probably would have preferred a Phils/Yanks rematch but I for one think it is better for the sport that those two teams are watching instead of playing. The 2010 World Series proves you do not have the biggest payroll or a team full of smug superstars in order to be competitive in Major League Baseball. Those things help but it is harder to earn a championship than it is to buy one.

Low and inside,

Kevin Hart