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Out athletes abound at Yale

Think out NCAA athletes are still rare? That's changing fast. There's a fantastic article in the Yale Daily News about gay athletes on campus there, and they name names of a half-dozen out athletes at the school, including diver Colton Staab '12 (right). The best story of the bunch involves a swimmer (the one out person the story doesn't name because he's not out to his family) whose team doesn't harass him for being gay, but...

His teammates on the men’s varsity swimming team threw kickboards at him. Laughing, they taunted him throughout afternoon practice, punning on his name and cracking nasty comments.

But it wasn’t because he was gay — he’s not. And they didn’t think he was.

His teammates berated him that afternoon because he had made a homophobic comment in an e-mail thread about an openly gay member of the team.