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British royalty ogles hot jocks

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, and wife of Prince Charles, had a nice encounter in India with two shirtless muscular jocks competing at the Commonwealth Games (see photo here).

The Duchess of Cornwall can't entirely blame her blushes on the searing Indian sun. Camilla appeared delighted to meet two toned athletes as they prepared for the Delhi Commonwealth Games yesterday.

"You guys look very fit," the 63-year-old told the bare-chested decathlon competitors, gesturing towards their muscles.

The two athletes were Tom Reynolds, a former Armani model, and Roger Skedd. Camilla has good taste -- Reynolds was an Outsports Weekend Hot Jock (see his hot pics here).

Mr Skedd, 28, said: "The Duchess came up to us and said: 'I see you are suitably dressed, gentlemen. How are you coping with the heat?' "

Not to be outdone, Charles met with members of the Australian women's field hockey team, "lined up in a swimming pool wearing mini shorts and cropped tops." The Daily Mail reporter could not resist taking a shot at Charles for being a technophobe or Camilla for her appearance:

The Duchess's waistline appeared to have expanded a little despite a special meat and dairy-free diet at the [$1,800}-a-night South Indian health spa where she stayed with family and friends last week.

Thanks to Finneye for the item.