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Steve Nash against anti-gay bullying

There's an excellent article on by LZ Granderson. All-Star point guard Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns speaks out, not just about bullying in general but specifically about kids who are being harassed because they're gay. On his official Twitter feed, Nash re-tweeted a link to a New York Times article on the recent suicides of gay kids with the original poster's added comment: "I'm pro-creative and individualism. 90% of gay teens being harassed is embarrassing to human race."

A couple of quotes from the article:

"It's heartbreaking anytime you think of a child suffering to the point of suicide … it's just so heartbreaking," said Nash, the father of twin school-age daughters. "I don't know if it's depression coupled with bullying that has led to the suicides or what, but what I do know is it can be prevented. We're losing wonderful children in our communities and it's up to the adults to do something."

"Bullying is about the insecurity of the person who feels the need to bully. [My response is] not about sexual preference or race or anything like that. It's just about human decency."

The article also mentions the It Gets Better project started by Dan Savage and the It Gets Better video from Hudson Taylor, the former star wrestler at Maryland and now an assistant coach at Columbia, who's been a strong ally in the fight for gay rights for some time now.