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New York Times profiles Queers4Gears

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Queers4Gears founder Michael Myers

Queers4Gears, the website for gay NASCAR fans, got a cool front page writeup in the Sunday New York Times Sports section, which focused on the site getting a group discount for tickets to Sunday's race in Phoenix.

The deal, which is available to anyone through Queers4Gears, is among about 200 group ticket specials for the race weekend, said Paul Corliss, a track spokesman. About 50 to 100 people were expected to take advantage of the discount, which ranged from $7 to $18 a ticket, depending on seat location. For some, it may be an introduction to Nascar racing.

“As race promoters, we are always interested in opportunities to reach potential fans and introduce them to the excitement of our Nascar events,” Corliss said.

The ticket offer was a triumph of sorts for [website owner Michael] Myers, who as a part-time journalist is trying to get the word out to gay Nascar fans that they are not alone.

It is an interesting and positive article that focuses on a real sports niche -- gay NASCAR fans, but all the free publicity might have been a mixed blessing in one sense: When I clicked on the site just now, virtually all the photos are unviewable, with a message from PhotoBucket saying the bandwidth was exceeded (though you can see one of their hot auto photos on an Outsports posting from this spring).