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Tebow/Focus Super Bowl ad: least-watched

I had no idea that the Nielsen Company was this detailed. They actually provide individual ratings for the TV commercials shown during the Super Bowl. The most-watched commercial was the Doritos "Snack Attack Samurai" ad, followed by the "Green Police" Audi ad. The least-watched? The Focus on the Family anti-abortion ad starring Tim Tebow and his mom.

Now, a few things have to be pointed out. The Tebow ad still was seen by 92,576,680 viewers, according to Nielsen (the Doritos ad was seen by 116,231,920). Also, the number of people watching commercials presumably corresponds to the number of people watching the game at that time. The Tebow ad ran early in the game. Ads that aired later, as the game went back and forth, had more viewers.

And quantity doesn't equal quality. The second-least viewed ad was the Snickers ad starring Betty White, which (if I recall) ran in the same commercial break as the Tebow ad. The Snickers ad is pretty much considered the best ad from this year's telecast and, along with the "Late Show" ad starring David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey and Jay Leno (which officially isn't a paid commercial, just a CBS in-house promo), the most talked-about ad.

The Tebow ad? It's been swept into the dustbin of history...just like Tebow's NFL career will be, perhaps.