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Gay curlers from San Francisco

I hope San Francisco gay curlers Patrick Tabuchi and Matthew David are having a good time in Vancouver. I caught the SF Examiner story about them just before the Games. No, they're not competing...just watching. But they're teachers at the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club, and this org has quintupled its membership in the last four years. LGBT interest in curling is growing elsewhere too. Canada has no less than eight cities with LGBT curling leagues, including Vancouver.

Unfriendly fans take potshots at curling, but the jibes just slide off this ancient sport the way those stones slide over the ice. Curling has an honorable history, starting as an imaginative way for people to have games in dead of winter. Centuries ago, Scots invented it -- along with that other arcane and much-jibed sport, golf. Today curling stands out for still being an almost totally amateur sport, and for having a tradition of sportshumanship that's unusual in today's trash-talking world.

Homophobic fans like to say things like "Curling is the gayest @#$% sport ever." To which a defender retorted on Yahoo recently, "If any sport is to be considered gay it would be American football, men jumping on each other, throwing each on the ground, smacking each others asses to show approval..."