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Chinese dominate pairs skating

The Americans and Canadians disappointed everyone at the pairs figure skating short program. While the Canadians sit sixth and seventh respectively, the Americans sit 10th and 14th. Mistakes befell the an inexperienced American contingent going into this Olympics.

However the teams sitting 1-4 are of no surprise to the skating world. The showdown has been set for a China-Germany showdown. For the first time in history, there is no Russian team that is expected to take top spot as the Olympics.

The Chinese are sitting first, second, and fourth, with the top Russian team in third place. The Chinese may have swept the top three placings in the short program, had Zhang/Zhang not miscalculated the rotations in their side by side spins.

As expected, after being on hiatus for two years, the Chinese team of Shen and Zhao have returned with a vengeance to get that elusive gold medal they have desired for almost 10 years. They posted a new world record score in a pairs short program of 76.66

The German team of Savchenko and Szolkowy is right behind them with less then a point separation. In third place are former world champions Pang and Tong. In fourth place is last year's world silver medalists, Zhang andZhang.

My bet is the Chinese team will win, as the Germans have blown their long program all year long.