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Electric blue spandex

No Winter Olympics is complete without hot discussion of costumes on figure skaters! As I watched the pairs short program yesterday, I was pleased to see Ukraine's Volosozhar and Morozov step away from the conventional duds... into those electric blue spandex suits. Some reviewers thought they were ridiculous -- but I say they were a welcome flourish of diversity.

Female skaters are now allowed to wear tights in competition, but seldom do they dare to do it. Mostly they stick slavishly to those filmy little skirts that are supposed to send the message that you're very femme (read non-lesbian). Gender stereotyping in competitive dress is enforced more ruthlessly for figure skating than for other winter sports -- or most any sport, for that matter. Custome is all designed for social signals that political conservatives like to see.

No wonder that no woman figure skater has ever out.